Our goal is to enrich and entertain those who read our books as well as to support and promote those authors who deserve to have their voices heard.

Our mission is to build Bendecido Books into a publishing company that is respected in its efforts to deliver a diverse range of compelling and stirring stories, viewpoints and perspectives on the world around us. We resolve to represent our authors and distribute our books in ways and forms not often seen by the status quo.

Even in these times of change when technological advances increase the flow of information around us, we strongly believe that books continue to remain an integral part of each of our lives.

It is our hope to open more doors to new worlds as presented by our authors and to:

  • Promote reading and literacy to a wide audience.
  • Contribute to enriching peoples' lives with new stories and adventures.
  • Create more conversation.
  • Preserve the history and expose the cultures of the characters who live in the books we distribute.
  • Enhance individual and collective economic growth for our authors, for our readers and for our company.
Bendecido Books also offers services as a literary agent.

Are you interested in selling your literary or artistic works but short of connections?

As a literary agent, our goal is to represent people, not just projects, and we can provide a list of resources to support authors throughout the entire publishing process.

We can lend our skills in a variety of important areas for a range of media projects such as books, magazines, film, television and other electronic formats.

We offer service in the following specific areas including:

  • Writing & Editing Collaboration
  • Concept Development & Creative Support
  • Professional Representation
  • Publicity & Marketing Strategies
  • Distribution Channels
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