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Master Your Life to the 10th Degree by Glen Daman and Scott Taylor

Want to make every day a great day, whether life wants you to have one or not?

Glen Daman has developed and fine tuned the 10th Degree Life and he will take you through the disciplines of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Professional and Relationship Mastery, and show you how to make the absolute best of whatever hand you've been dealt in your own life.

If you've seen him live you know that there are very few more dynamic speakers in the world than Glen Daman. He'll get you "All Geeked Up" and ready to make the best of each and every day, just by following his easy five step program to what he calls, the 10th Degree Life.

In Master Your Life to the 10th Degree, Glen Daman will take you with him on the most wonderful ride you can imagine. And along the way, he'll help you live life to its fullest - the 10th Degree Life!

Learn more about the book here.

Master Your Life to the 10th Degree is available for $24.99 (cdn) and $21.99 (U.S.) plus GST by going to our "Order Form" page.

Above the Rest: Power, Sex and Sexuality in the Catholic Church by Merv Michalyshen

Above the Rest is a provocative new book presenting a “lay person” perspective of an anxious Catholic Church bureaucracy, a clerical caste of privilege, which manifests controlling power, secrecy and a resistance to conform to a fast-paced and changing world.

The author’s three-year mission service in Africa became an enlightening and inspirational experience, and the genesis for the book. Being immersed in a culture of poverty and simplicity restored the true meaning of the lessons of the First Sermon on the Mount – the Beatitudes.

The traditional church in all its hierarchy has lost its focus and it is just a matter of time when contemporary challenges will manifest new ways of becoming a spiritual church. We are not waiting for change – it is already in progress. Learn more about the book here.

Above the Rest: Power, Sex and Sexuality in the Catholic Church is available for $18.99 plus GST by going to our "Order Form" page.

Except My Love For You

Gordon Strachan had it all. Now all he has is the Minimum List - less than seventy items; the minimal number of possessions he figures a man needs to survive and be content.

Once a leader in Winnipeg's business community, Gordon now takes the bus every day from his walk-up apartment to his new job as a labourer at a North End furniture factory. This is just the way he wants it - even if his friends and ex-wife don't quite understand.

Except My Love For You is a love song to a generation and to the different paths our lives can take.

A companion collection of original songs the author has dubbed "a musical soundtrack to the life of the characters" has been recorded by the Meadowlark Orchestra. The songs are available at

Except My Love For You is available for $19.05 plus GST by going to our "Order Form" page.

Coming in 2010:

Turning 40 by Kevin Zdrill

Relationship counsellor Gus Adams is about to take a stance in his hapless life. Ten years have passed since his last romance with a vixen that cashed in his heart for her own pursuit of happiness. Since then his best relationships have been with his misfit patients, his free spirited assistant and a pair of complete strangers who share a kiss every morning beneath his balcony.

With nine months to go until his 40th birthday, Gus makes a plan to emerge from the misery that is his single life…with a little help from a phone dating service. But as each encounter becomes more bizarre than the last, Gus wonders if he'll ever meet someone worthy of that elusive second date. Hilarious and heartfelt, Turning 40 is the first novel from Winnipeg writer Kevin Zdrill.

The Need to Know by Cameron Patterson

Christmas 1975. Two agents have been executed - but where is the third undercover named Larry Hudd? He is on leave with his pregnant wife - running for their lives, escaping certain prosecution and cheating imminent death. But there is one sacrifice that has to be made. An adoption. To save their son they must surrender him.

Thirty years later adoptee Michael Spencer opens his own search that ignites a volatile chain of events, ensnarling his life in the surreptitious operation that labelled his birth father a traitor.

Bridging the worlds of international finance and espionage, The Need to Know is complete with rich, factual detail, elaborate conspiracies and an abundance of twists and turns sure to captivate every reader.

Author Cameron Patterson is a filmmaker, musician and writer living in Winnipeg.

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